Wonder Women of Pakistan! – TRIBUTE

Letting women work alongside with men can be of fascination giving extra ordinary results. Pakistani women have proved themselves to be at the top in almost every field and made Pakistan proud with their work.

To regain the lost and elapsed identity of our National heroes, National Hero Foundation (NHF) established a non-profit independent company, to recognize the great Pakistanis who left their footprints on the history through their commendable works and services for our Nation. NHF started “Wonder Women of the Year Awards” in the year 2011 to recognize the lost heroes.

Wonder Women Awards is acknowledging the struggle and inspiration of extra ordinary women that risen the power and impact through their services for the Nation.

On Monday 7, March 2016, Wonder Women of the Year Awards (fourth Edition) was held at the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi in acknowledgment of International Women’s Day. A aggregate of 40 additional standard ladies were granted for their commendable administrations that made the Country glad.

Dr Shaista Lodhi was honored as the Best Morning Show Host.

Another face was given to Morning Show’s by her and got to be famous by setting some incredible records in the history.

The Guest of Honor of the night Minister of Capital Administration and Development Division Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry exhibited the honor .

” I would like to thank all of the bad times and people who made me stronger only, to those who were by my side in my days of hardship and taught me the lesson of being Satisfied with things as they are.
If I can do it, If all these wonderful and brave ladies can do it, So can you!”

Said Shaista while offering meeting to a nearby TV channel.

Cinemallywood congratulates and wishes Dr Shaista Lodhi all the best for more achievement, acknowledgment and acclaim.

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