“What’s happening on social media, doesn’t really bother me”, Nadia Hussain

The lovely and capable Nadia Hussain was the big name who graced the arrangement of Iftaar Mulaqaat for their thirteenth scene. This show is facilitated by Hina Khawaja Bayat and Chef Shai holds the mantle of the show’s kitchen. Iftar Mulaqaat accompanies the guarantee of an alternate big name visitor for every scene thus far the absolute most famous countenances have been on the appear.


Hina and Nadia had a jolly gab that secured everything from her delightful looks, life objectives, youngsters and different issues of our general public. One of the points Nadia was inflexible on talking about was the present Social media issue.

I think there’s a lot that’s happening on the social media. There’s so much hate over social media.

Nadia trusted it was a troubling thing, which if not ceased in due time would prompt appalling results, in spite of the fact that she didn’t give it a chance to influence her.

What’s happening on social media, doesn’t really bother me

In any case, Nadia felt the need to talk about this issue since everyone has gotten a stage to talk and individuals don’t as a matter of course utilize it in the correct way.

People comment without even thinking about it. Freedom of speech is being used in ways it shouldn’t

Nadia Hussain was acquainted with this universe of media at an exceptionally youthful age, and possibly that is the reason not very many things trouble her. In spite of the fact that she rushed to say that she’s never confronted a wonder such as this in individual.

I haven’t had to face a judgmental behavior in my career, in person

Stay tuned for more points of interest and stories about more celebs, keep in mind to watch Iftar Mulaqaat every day at 6pm just on Geo Kahani.

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