Wait is OVER, DIVA’NI opening flagship store in Pakistan Lahore on 5th August 2016

Taking after the late declaration of DIVA’NI’s landing in Pakistan with a restrictive screening of the record breaking film industry hit ‘Sultan’, went to by stars  DIVA’NI will now be opening ways to their first worldwide couture leader store in the heart of Lahore‘s extravagance retail zone, fundamental MM Alam Road in Gulberg on the fifth of August 2016. Surely DIVA’NI in Pakistan will present its pined for hand worked eastern couture crosswise over wedding and formal wear alongside a choice of extravagance prepared to wear.
Apparently the main design brand worked at the edge of silver screen and reality DIVA’NI was initially acquainted with India in 2013 by Yash Raj Films, Indian film’s greatest name and KBSH Private Limited, one of the biggest and free legacy style houses based out of New Delhi. The brand is driven by its powerhouse innovative executive Ms. Sanya Dhir, who joined the 65-year-old privately-owned company, KBSH in 2009. Her calling was the need to break the age-old generalization joined to ethnic wear and make it more available and applicable to the “Glocal” lady. Henceforth, DIVA’NI was conceived; propelled by style, film and womanliness, with an enthusiasm for legacy, an authority of restrictive and broad carefully assembled methods and a basic gratefulness for conventional specialty.
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The dispatch of DIVA’NI in Pakistan is a show of Pakistan and India’s regular legacy crosswise over society, cooking, values, music, movies, form, and game, as we are every one of the a part of the same enormous picture. Truth be told, on the off chance that you take a gander at this closer, there would truly be no corner, complete self in Pakistan that doesn’t sing, move, and commend the tunes and stories of this district. Who hasn’t generally broken into a grin, or held a breath, or shed a tear when their well known saints and champions played out in fanciful movies.

To be sure as a caretaker and epicurean of Indian materials, DIVA’NI monitors and advances biting the dust customary specialties, working intimately with its weavers and skilled workers from the remotest areas of the sub-landmass. With over several’s zardozikars (expert specialists), handloom weavers and hand-paint ladies artisans spread over Lucknow, Delhi and Varanasi, DIVA’NI delivers its uncommon imaginativeness to make selective and bespoke wedding couture and extravagance pret-a-watchman.

DIVA’NI‘s Pakistan lead is a structural and configuration story in itself. The experience of outline begins from the minute you venture into the store’s “Excellent Double Height” marbled anteroom with its brilliant mind boggling roofs, reproducing the jhoomars of yore. Utilization of Natural onyx in the roofs, many-sided trim’s in warm chestnut emperado marble floor materials and conventional jaali works are a stunning background of the old world appeal. The focal space with vaulted roofs and corridors on either side make a one of a kind climate.
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Each individual space with angled mirrors on dividers and recolored unreasonable impediments all add to the mood of true to life eminence. The pride of each DIVA’NI store is its couture relax in particular First Lady by DIVA’NI; it is in this space where you are overwhelmed by the advantage of the brand. The whole space is planned in a round structure with layered sloped mirror roof making a practically dreamlike feeling. The bended closets with mind boggling carvings along the fringe add another measurement to the space. The whole material range utilized as a part of the venture are high quality and handpicked from experts of workmanship crosswise over India, Pakistan and Middle East adding to the Global kind of the store. The store opens from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, 05th August 2016 onwards.

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