Tipu Sharif to marry a single mother?

After just about scoring a century of characters in the shows and conveying a forcing part in the blockbuster film, Manto, and all that in a limited ability to focus time, the tall and great looking Turk-Pakistani, Syed Yorguc Tipu Sharif otherwise called Tipu Sharif, a descendent of a Turkish mother and a Pakistani father, he is a vocalist musician as well and has made delightful tunes in both the dialects. His resonant collections are top picks of numerous individuals who affection to listen to his God skilled voice and concordant accent of both Urdu and Turkish lingos.

Tipu has depicted various differentiated characters and parts with such adaptability that is exceptionally admirable. In one of his recently propelled dramatization serial, “Izn-e-Rukhsat,” is assuming a part of kind hearted grown up man who is going to wed a moderately aged single parent of a grieved little girl. The little girl experiences feeling of inadequacy of not having her dad close by, so for her advancement, he handles her with sharp obligation. This character required great sensitivity and valor, which Tipu has passed on in an unrestrained style. We trust with supreme regard that Tipu, with his unconstrained aptitudes will dependably abandon us awed.

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