The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) collaborates with top Pakistani designers

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) worked together with six driving Pakistani form retail marks #DeepakPerwani, #HSY, Khaula Jamil of #KforKarachi, #MAHGUL, #MahinHussain, and Amneh Shaikh-Farooqui of #Pollyandother stories for a constrained release arrangement titled ‘#Product CAP: #TheHistoryCollection’. This coordinated effort means to showcase the history and society of Pakistan interestingly and ingrain pride in Pakistani natives about their legacy.

Deepak-Perwani-cinemallywood HSY-cinemallywood

Each of the six architects gave their own particular understanding of Pakistan’s legacy from CAP’s files and made restricted version bespoke pieces as a major aspect of their ‘History Collection’. Deepak Perwani chose to make Scarves that were enlivened by Pakistani Cinema, Nightlife and the Rocking 70’s; HSY made tunics in Lawn and Silk including Luxury, Glamor and Craftsmanship; Khaula Jamil of K for Karachi translated Pakistan Stamps, Flags into her bespoke gems i.e. rings/studs/pendants subsequently ingraining sentimentality; Maghul made grips including Pakistan’s legacy destinations; Mahin Hussain made sacks/grasps motivated by old Pakistani ads and also the imbuing the 60’s in her gathering; Polly and different Stories made packs that were enlivened by Vintage Pakistani matchboxes.




The gathering itself is accessible to arrange at the accompanying authority Facebook pages of every one of the 6 planners;

Deepak Perwani:


K for Karachi:


Mahin Hussain:

Polly and Other Stories:

Talking about the activity, Swaleha Alam Shahzada, Executive Director of CAP said: “This is an activity by the Friends of CAP that permit inventive and imaginative utilization of the CAP chronicle. We are continually searching for various methods for making the history and society of Pakistan intriguing and available to everybody. We would like to proceed with Product CAP and urge different architects to wind up a portion of this also.”

The originators had the accompanying to say in regards to Product CAP:

“We are both proud and honoured to have been asked by CAP to produce a design piece for them. We greatly admire them and are inspired by the work CAP does and have hugely enjoyed creating something that represents a small piece of the rich history of Pakistan.” Polly and other stories.

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