Sultan of Swing Waseem Arkam to host ‘The Sportsman’

Sultan of Swing Waseem Arkam to host a show ‘The Sportsman” which will be releasing on 28th of August, this show is about praising our saints who made, are as yet making Pakistan glad in the field of games through their stunning abilities, complex enthusiasm and exceptional exhibitions.


Known as one of the best player in the historical backdrop of cricket because of his fantastic abilities and ability, Wasim Akram has now presented a radical new level of praising the gems of Pakistan on the grounds of games, by meeting them about their hardships and examples of overcoming adversity. Being a diamond of his kind, Wasim Akram before, has uncommonly facilitated various regard programs like “Swing Ka Sultan” on Geo Super, and this time he is super eager to be the piece of this prestigious TV program. As per him, our saints ought to be adulated and recognized for their administrations in the field of games and for speaking to Pakistan’s name far and uproarious.

Introduced by HBL, “The Sportsman” is a particular television show where our jewel studded games stars will speak about themselves and share their stories of shock battle and diligent work to accomplish their objectives. Pakistan is a game adoring domain and a show like this will turn out to be an awesome treat for every one of them who need to think about all aspects of their legends’ lives as sportsmen, and, the triumphs and fits of rage they confronted to administer the universe of games.

Beginning on Geo Entertainment channel, the show will be disclosed each Sunday at 10:00 pm.

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