Rabab Hashim; A new rebellious face of a woman

Being highlighted in an unprecedented character in the drama serial Manchali, Rabab Hashim approached as a contender and a defiant young lady in the new Drama serial “Marzi” and showed up as Manaal, in which she raise voice against her overwhelming and governing brother by marriage, who is to a great degree rich and tries to control each elements of Manaal and her family’s lives.


Rabab Hashim because of her solid identity and firm expressions, she is perfect for a character which is extremely decided and revolting. This character of Manaal is an incredible goal for the ladies of our general public against the crooked mastery and control. There are numerous individuals in our general public, rich and poor alike are being stifled in all matters of life. Whether it is as far as expert life or individual, they will undoubtedly convey arranges regardless of what and regardless of the possibility that they attempt to accomplish something upon their own desire, they are rebuffed.


In this dramatization Rabab is breaking the generalizations that how capable a lady can be and how for her family and adoration, ascend against the grasp of her compelling bossy brother by marriage.

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