QMOBILE HUM BRIDAL COUTURE WEEK 2016 Designers and Their Collection – DAY 1

Karachi November 25, 2016: Pakistan’s numero uno general diversion organize, HUM Network Limited in a joint effort with QMobile, Pakistan’s driving Smartphone Company, has rolled celebrity central of the nation’s greatest and most looked for following three-day marriage mold spectacle, QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2016 Day 1 Styled by Sweet Touch, to display the most recent and the best of Pakistani wedding patterns by driving and blossoming style originators on the catwalk. This year, the wedding spectacle is styled by the famous corrective brand Sweet Touch, London. The thirteenth version of QHBCW is choreographed by Vaneeza Ahmed Ali.

Indicate one of the marriage party commenced with the exemplary gathering of wedding creator Mehdi, titled The Royal Courtyard, trailed by QMobile Rising Star HEM‘s Shahi Muhalla, a delightful portrayal of the Mughal time. FAS Design Studio was the third to show their accumulation on the runway which was trailed by Chaap Tilak by MNR Design Studio. Indicate one finished up by Zonia Anwaar‘s happy gathering titled Daria’i Noor. Indicate 2 of QHBCW began with the Imperial Voyage by IVY Couture introduced by Shazia and Sehr, which was trailed by Ayesha Imran‘s Afsana-E-Ishq. Day 1 of three-day wedding event closed with Sobia Nazir‘s most recent marriage gathering titled The Mahal. QHBCW, acclaimed for adding appeal to the runway with a renowned rundown of works of art, had a stunning line-up and control pressed exhibitions on the main day; Farhad Humayun opened the show for Mehdi with an uncommon execution while film star Resham added greatness to HEM‘s accumulation. The enchanting Imran Abbas indicate halted for FAS Design Studio and Soch the Band performed on the incline for MNR Design Studio and the dazzling Mawra Hocane added fabulousness to the slope for the brand while adornments for the portion was by Samreen Vance. Move maestro Wahab Shah added an additional flavor to the wedding dramatization with his faultless QMobile uncommon execution, while the shocking Iman Ali and the resonant Ali Sethi halted the show for IVY Couture by Shazia and Sehr. Last yet not the slightest, the excellent Moomal Sheik graced the catwalk for Aisha Imran.

Q Mobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2016 Day 1 Styled by Sweet Touch is choreographed by Vaneeza Ahmed Ali, with backstage administration by Muneera and Aamir of Production 021. Every single open connection operations and media contact is completed by the in-house PR group of HUM Network Limited alongside show creation and execution by the unique activities and occasions group at HUM Network Limited.

Sultana Siddiqui – President HUM Network Limited

I take pride in the way that magnificent things are going on in Pakistan, yet we don’t advance them the way they ought to be done, and that is the reason individuals are for the most part unconscious of what is occurring in our part of the world. One such field that is picking up driving force in our general public is the mold business, and that is the reason I empower form and its mind boggling string work and outlining through our design shows to open a window. We have likewise given a stage to new architects to show their garments, an open door that was generally not effortlessly accessible to them. Furthermore, as the shows are seen all around their work, alongside the built up architects’, gets known abroad. The point of presenting new things at HUM Network conveys premier the reason to give a positive picture by discrediting the awful ones.

Mr Zeeshan Akhtar – Chairman and CEO QMobile

QMobile has a background marked by being connected with huge stars from around the globe and first ever QMobile Hum Style Awards, so it was a characteristic cooperation with HUM Network for another uber occasion, where every one of the stars from the design society of the nation will be available under one rooftop. QMobile is glad to be the leader for QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2016 Day 1 styled by Sweet Touch. Anticipating a ritzy night.

Supports’ Acknowledgment

The thirteenth version of the nation’s greatest marriage event is exhibited by Q versatile Z12 and styled by Sweet Touch. The show is revived by Slice and backstage accomplice is Kryolan and Framesi. Scent accomplice for the most recent release of QHBCW is Junaid Jamshed with Interwood as furniture accomplice. FM106.2 is the official radio accomplice while nibble accomplice is TUC and Pizza Hut the nourishment accomplice.


MEHDI Collection at QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2016 Day 1 :

mehdi-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-1 mehdi-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-2 mehdi-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-3 mehdi-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-4 The Royal Courtyard couture gathering 2017 typifies the excellence of a regal diva by reinterpreting and modernizing time-prized works of art. Intense and jeweled tones in the accumulation are emphasized by touches of gold, silver and bronze, with exquisite and entrancing outlines used to convey life to the gathering. Praise this happy season with MEHDI in a genuine imperial manner.

Sew: HEM‘s Shahi Muhalla is specifically gotten from the Mughal Era. The accumulation depends on snazzy melange of adroit outline and pedantic lengths with lavishly enriched diving neck areas. Floaty and sheer outfits with highlighted waistlines are the pillar of this accumulation. The disposition of the accumulation

is an extremely illustrious vintage sentiment which depicts polish as the force of today’s ladies. The motivation is gotten from the adornments and decorations of that period furthermore their design perplexing thought processes.

FAS DESIGN STUDIO QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2016 Day 1

fas-design-studio-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-1 fas-design-studio-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-2 fas-design-studio-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-3 fas-design-studio-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-4Mehram is a capricious story depicting virtue of adoration and the quiet appeal of magnificence propelled by flexibility of nature. It depends on feelings of a lady who is prepared to grasp any turmoil that goes up against her voyage to achieve the adoration for her life. The shading palette is drawn from the charms of quieted tones and gold, spreading the sentiments of being infatuated and its entrancing forces making you feel powerful and valiant in an unparalleled persona of pestles, highlighted with themes of winged creatures and florals depicting joy and flexibility. This season, witness the otherworldly forces of affection, lolling in the wonderfulness of nature’s opportunity, submerging you in a glorious hunger for new experiences.

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Collection at QMobile HUM Bridal Couture Week 2016 Day 1

mawra-hocane-mohsin-naveed-ranjha-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-4 mohsin-naveed-ranjha-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-1 mohsin-naveed-ranjha-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-2 mohsin-naveed-ranjha-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-3Chaap Tilak is roused by Victorian engineering and noteworthy styles. This accumulation has is an immaculate mix of Middle East and Asian impacts; reflecting complex and appealing plans with nitty gritty thought processes and botanical impressions. The gathering consolidates Mughal widely varied vegetation and offers an outlined far reaching examination of all types of expressions, including western cuts and perplexing embellishments. Moreover, the reveling JARAO gems making system and spellbinding shading palette of convincing shades (maroon, realist beige and water system) makes this gathering one of its kind.


zoniya-anwaarqmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-1 zoniya-anwaarqmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-2 zoniya-anwaarqmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-3 zoniya-anwaarqmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-4Daria’i Noor “Ocean of light” by Zonia Anwaar for happy season 2016/17 at QHBCW

in Persian, is an inventive elucidation in type of a gathering intended to be fun, motivated by a touch of fabulousness, that elements excellent wedding and formal wear mirroring the genuine embodiment of Zonia Anwaar’s mark style. The greater part of the accumulation outfits have embellishments as multifaceted dabka work, cut-outs and weaved patches worked over with dots, pearls and luminous sequins. The shading palette is about rich conventional gem tones; shimmering burgundy, dark onyx, sea emerald, enthusiastic plum to run with fire gold and mistletoe pastels.


ivy-by-shazia-and-sehr-couture-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-1 ivy-by-shazia-and-sehr-couture-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-2 ivy-by-shazia-and-sehr-couture-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-3 ivy-by-shazia-and-sehr-couture-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-4Imperial Voyage is about the glories of a period passed by; the wondrous wonderful qualities of the Royal Courts, the indulgence of imposing princesses and the otherworldly commitment to achieve the most elevated state through workmanship and excellence. The sentiment and tales of long prior ladies, in their streaming fabrics and chiffons vacillating in the leave winds, try to be a consistent in our psyches. The Ivy Bridal Collection highlights cuts and weavings of exact tender loving care, with motivation drawn from the wonderful qualities of the Mughals and their implicit pledge to expressions of the human experience. The sensitive pierta dura parcels of blooms at the Taj Mahal, to the brightness and combination of culturally diverse expressions and systems offered ascend to the best benefactors of human expressions, the Mughals. Being blessed to have acquired this legacy, we pay regard to our unbelievable past and to each one of those skilled workers who united Persian, Ottoman, and Greek societies to combine with what we know today as our rich legacy. With adoration, we extol our dearest paisley, peacock and a plenty of different themes and examples which, we as a people, have come to be appreciated for. Ivy endeavors to display the most precise and stunningly unrestrained representation of our distinguished past.



aisha-imran-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-1 aisha-imran-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-2 aisha-imran-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-3 aisha-imran-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-4Ayesha Imran‘s Afsana-E-Ishq (The Tale of Love) is roused by the supernatural quality, excellence, arousing quality and delicacy of the Mughal Era. With plans intended to catch the creative energy and favor of the contemporary Pakistan lady of the hour, the new gathering highlights culminate high fashion troupes brought

to life by a portion of the best specialists in the nation. Afsana-e-Ishq marriage gathering is enlivened by romantic tales that were an essential piece of Mughal culture. Every outline is as unceasing, valuable and passionate as the guarantees made by the beaus to each other. Every piece mirrors the possibility of everlasting adoration with delightfully high quality sensitive components, for example, peacocks, circles and lines of wonderful embellishments. Aisha Imran‘s new gathering draws motivation from the extravagance of long-gone times and praises the subcontinents’ rich social legacy by joining hundreds of years’ old, weaving systems with lavish textures. Afsana-e-Ishq tries to remain consistent with the brands signature aesthetic style of introducing a large number of isolates in both contemporary and customary outlines in unmistakable examples and materials of rich gem tone velvet, brocades and whimsical nets on exemplary smaller than usual marriage lehngas, anarkali dresses and long streaming outfits, making a figment of Mughal éclat.



sobia-nazir-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-1 sobia-nazir-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-2 sobia-nazir-qmobile-hum-bridal-couture-week-2016-cinemallywood-3The Mahal gathering is as lavish as a bit of workmanship, picking up its motivation from the rich culture and legacy of “Hawaa Mahal”. The accumulation not just mirrors the structural points of interest of The Mahal, likewise mirrors the freshness and innovation of the city from where it started. The gathering involves many-sided plans including sensitive pearls, impeccable finish and staggering craftsmanship. The shading palette for this gathering is propelled by pink and red sandstone utilized as a part of the development of this Mahal.

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