Qandeel Baloch is Married and has a Son?

Reportedly, internet drama queen Qandeel baloch is married. Baloch who decided to throw strip dance for the Pakistani cricket team if they won cricket match against India, has a son. The Pakistani Beyonce first hit when upload bold videos talking about T20 match held against India on March 19, 2016.

Qandeel baloch also became a bad luck for Mufti Qawi who took a selfie with her and lost not just the respect in Pakistan but also the membership of Ruet e Hilal Committee.

On Wednesday 13, Qandeel’s Ashiq claimed in a Tv interview that he was married to Qandeel who ran away with their son latter.

When Qandeel watched this interview on Tv, she admitted and told that it was a forced marriage and she have been beaten up by Ashiq hussain (her ex from Kot Addu) day and night. She said it was better for me and my son to ran away to save our lives and Darul Aman was the only place where I can hide my ass.

According to reports, baloch told that I was just 17 and was forced to get married. While Ashiq hussain told the tv channels that she send a letter written with blood because she wanted my car and property

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