Mizmaar To Release New Single Jogi In Collaboration with Shubha Mudgal

Pakistani band Mizmaar are good to go to release their most recent single Jogi this July, which is a joint effort with Indian vocal powerhouse Shubha Mudgal. Jogi is a spirit blending single, propelled by the current worldwide agitation and in addition the enthusiastic difficulties being confronted on an individual level by such a variety of. The tune has been composed and formed to perfectly unite the musical styles of Mizmaar and Shubha Mudgal.


With this single, Mizmaar would like to connect and offer want to those confronting struggle in their lives and also those influenced by worldwide savagery, something which appears to tragically be on the ascent.

The joint effort of a Pakistani pop-shake band and an Indian established artist in itself encapsulates the significance of resilience and peace, surpassing fringes and ethnicity.


In Jogi, Mizmaar has highlighted their new lead vocalist Asad Rasheed who is knowledgeable in Eastern, as well as Western styles of singing. Asad, who found his energy for music at the early age of 7, appreciates listening to an assortment of music which incorporates Pakistani-pop and Western groups, for example, Linkin Park, Audio Slave, U2, Coldplay and Led Zepplin. His impacts in music incorporate David Coverdale (Whitesnake), Ustaad Mehdi Hassan Khan Sahib and Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.


Since their rebound, Mizmaar has been interested in working with various craftsmen on singles, as they trust this bears them the flexibility to explore different avenues regarding different sorts of sounds and kinds of music.

Talking about Jogi, Mizmaar‘s frontman Kashan Admani says, “Jogi is an effort to compel people to think about coexisting and finding the right path to bring peace in the world”.

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