Madeha Imam and Sami Khan are in relationship?

Madeha Imam and Sami Khan are both surely understood and profoundly lauded names of Pakistan Dramas world. In the event that Sami Khan is a heartthrob then Madeha Imam is additionally worshiped for her magnetic identity and bubbly face. Both persevere through stunning acting aptitudes and have performed in various hit serials.

DHAANI: Cast & Crew Pictures

Presently surprisingly these diamonds have been included together in a show serial, in which they are depicting generally differentiating parts! Madeha featuring as Dhaani, a working class young lady who adores hues, live thoughtlessly, brimming with fun and happy making, while Sami Khan is assuming a part of a business magnate’s child, Sameer who is yearning, decided and a man who never loses! Both have a place with altogether distinctive foundations and economic wellbeing, yet when they met, a fellowship immediately appeared between them. Presently as more scenes are going on-air, we are getting an indication of some exceptional bond between these two. However, for time being they are “JUST FRIENDS”!

So sometime they are going to get bulldozed by it without a doubt! Be that as it may, what will happen when the two will be pulled together in a capable power which doesn’t separate? Which we as a whole call love?

Madeha Imam and Sami Khan Look great together in Dhaani

Set in a dazzling way that is available, this show serial, delightfully named “Dhaani“, means an outright adventure of a young lady and a kid who experience passionate feelings for, regardless of the considerable number of contrasts. The chief Ali Faizan, like his past works, has made a stunning showing with regards to while setting up this charming romantic tale. So in the event that you are in for some exciting, brave affection story, Dhaani is the one to watch.

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