Levi’s® promotes cycling as a healthy and ecofriendly activity

Levi’s® and Critical Mass hold hands for an activity that not just advances cycling as a solid and ecofriendly movement additionally is at the embodiment of recovering open spaces for ladies. Minimum amount is a group of individuals that social affair consistently to do what they cherish, investigating the lanes of Lahore.


Since Levi’s® developed the blue jean, we have remained for genuine validness and one of a kind individual style. Individuals experience their lives in Levi’s®, encountering the world and conveying everything that needs to be conveyed every last day! “For Levi’s® this activity is about acquiring center a group of individuals where men and ladies get together to cycle around Lahore and break any marks of disgrace identified with ladies cycling in the city. More ladies would ride on the off chance that they felt more secure and more sure, and had a sorted out gathering to join. Driving starting with one place then onto the next on a cycle in this season of to a great degree substantial activity on the streets is eco-accommodating and much less demanding. Levi’s® own Commuter™ Jeans was utilized for the task which is particularly intended for driving on cycles and that are adequate at work and simple to ride with having fabric advancement that flawlessly coordinate execution advantages, feasible fiber innovation, and premium cotton — a couple of pants that is brimming with reason, style, and capacity. It is not just freeing for ladies to assert their entitlement to live how they need, Levi’s® additionally expects to underwrite the possibility of a sound driving through cycling” says, Mr. Hammad Sohail, Marketing Manager, Levi Strauss Pakistan.

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One of the individuals from the gathering (Critical Mass), Aneeqa Ali, accentuated on the requirement for ladies to not be scared by pre imagined thoughts or awful encounters from halting them to recover the streets.

“I believe we’re our most exceedingly terrible adversary. I think we see what it’s as of now going to resemble and we have a genuine attitude issue that we have to work. Ladies have had it the most difficult way possible and this group is about breaking that shame, permitting all ladies to recover their rights and appreciate them as much as any man would,” she said.

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Men and ladies of the gathering cooperate to make a protected group that takes in the manners of the streets and permits each part to cycle securely. One of the delegates of the gathering Ahmed Muzamil said,’ cycling in itself is an exceptionally solid action. I like driving to my work since it’s less demanding. I am appreciative to Levi’s® from getting this anticipate the spotlight since it will accumulate the right consideration and give individuals a thought of how this group cooperates to make it safe and a good time for cyclists to ride around Lahore or anyplace…

The Wheels of Change activity is intended to concentrate on bringing groups like Critical Mass forward that urge ladies to join and feel safe out and about alongside men…

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