KARACHI citizens and artists united to reclaim walls

(KARACHI: THURSDAY JULY 28, 2016) This July, Karachi saw a delighting continuation of the city wide open workmanship development, as nationals and craftsmen joined to recover dividers that are secured with tacky mottos and pictures in the Cantonment Railway Station region, an image of the pleased history this city is saturated with.
Walls of Peace - Karachi Cant Station
A year ago, I AM KARACHI recovered more than 1600 dividers effectively, making an available, outdoors exhibition that stands as a demonstration of the eagerness of the tenants of the city to meet up and take proprietorship.
Walls of Peace depicting the hawker market around Karachi Cantt Station
For context,I AM KARACHI WALLS OF PEACE is an open craftsmanship development, went for recovering the roads of Karachi by evacuating negative graffitifrom the dividers and changing over them into exceptional showcases of workmanship with messages of trust, pride and assorted qualities.
Walls of Peace
The thought behind this activity was to supplant partisan, religious, and political mottos with hand painted pictures that portrayed inspiration and a feeling of pride and proprietorship in Karachites.
Walls of Peace at Karachi Cant Station by I AM KARACHI in collaboration with Pakistan Railways and Commissioner Karachi
I AM KARACHI succeeded in bringingcitizens and specialists together again,in coordinated effort with commended writer and artist of kids’ books Rumana Husain, who is championing the activity with I AM KARACHI.

Inside a month and a half, specialists and residents alike have met the challenge at hand and recovered 16, 8X10 dividers in the Cantonment Area alone, typifying the feeling of pride and obligation this development speaks to.

I AM KARACHI is a thought that was given shape in 2014 to address the plenty of issues confronting the general population of this cityby advocatingthe utilization of expressions, society, games and exchange as intends to ingrain local people with a feeling of pride and possession in the city.

The Walls of Peace activity will be executed as a team with the Vasl Artists Collective and upheld by Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.

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