DIVA’NI, ostensibly the main design brand worked at the edge of silver screen and the truth is set to open its entryways in Pakistan this July with the principal worldwide couture leader store, to be dispatched in Lahore. DIVA’NI, potentially world’s lone image scripted by film and coordinated by style is to bring its first gathering for Pakistan, which is completely a Queen’s Ransom.

DIVA’NI was initially acquainted with India in 2013 by Yash Raj Films, Indian silver screen’s greatest name and KBSH Private Limited, one of the biggest and autonomous legacy style houses based out of New Delhi. The brand is driven by its powerhouse imaginative executive Ms. Sanya Dhir, who joined the 65-year-old privately-owned company, KBSH in 2009. Her calling was the need to break the age-old generalization joined to ethnic wear and make it more open and applicable to the “Glocal” lady. Consequently, DIVA’NI was conceived; motivated by design, film and womanliness, with an energy for legacy, an authority of selective and broad handmade procedures and a basic gratefulness for customary art.

The dispatch of DIVA’NI in Pakistan is a show of Pakistan and India’s regular legacy crosswise over society, cooking, values, music, movies, form, and game, as we are each of the a part of the same huge picture. Actually, on the off chance that you take a gander at this closer, there would truly be no corner, complete self in Pakistan that doesn’t sing, move, and commend the melodies and stories of this area. Who hasn’t generally broken into a grin, or held a breath, or shed a tear when their acclaimed saints and courageous women played out in fabulous movies.

To be sure as an overseer and expert of Indian materials, DIVA’NI preserves and advances passing on customary artworks, working intimately with its weavers and specialists from the remotest locales of the sub-mainland. With over several’s zardozikars (expert skilled workers), handloom weavers and hand-paint ladies artisans spread over Lucknow, Delhi and Varanasi, DIVA’NI delivers its uncommon creativity to make select and bespoke marriage couture and extravagance pret-a-doorman.

“We are outstandingly eager to dispatch in Pakistan as our district shares a gratefulness for customary workmanship and art, which is the legacy that DIVA’NI grasps.” said Sanya Dhir, Creative Director DIVA’NI.

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