India’s first cinema-inspired fashion brand DIVA’NI – COSTUME PARTNER FOR “SULTAN”

Diva’ni, India’s first silver screen propelled style brand, set to open it’s entryways in Pakistan this July gladly stands tall as the outfit accomplice during the current year’s most anticipated film “SULTAN” featuring Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma.

Diva’ni has planned and styled the search for Anushka in an exceptional grouping of the melody “Sachi Muchi”. This is one of the key looks of the on-screen character in the film as this tune consolidates a wedding grouping on screen. She is seen embellishing a customary marriage outfit for a wedding set in Haryana. This look styled by Diva’ni is differentiating to her look all through the film where she is assuming the part of a wrestler.

This grouping in the film fuses carefully assembled customary chikankaari outfit decorated with bespoke system of zardozi, including elementsof kundan, gota, dapka and naqshi for the lady of the hour. This group decorated by the performing artist is a piece of Diva’ni’s “Lafz” accumulation.

Standing tall as the caretakers of Indian workmanship and craftsmanship, Diva’ni conveys to you “Lafz”, from the city of nawabs (Lucknow). Plunged in quiet tints of ivories and tea plunges, this immaculate and perplexing gathering brags the Mughal craft of rendering sensitive examples in unblemished white strings on fine reflects and muslin. Going back in time, this workmanship follows its source in the darbars of ruler Nur Jehan. From that point forward, this craftsmanship has won hearts over all eras. Diva’ni resuscitates this wonderful custom and includes its feel to make it an absolute necessity for your late spring closets.

The outlines incorporate straight kurtas, ijaars, shararas, lehengas and saris, collaborated with coats, shirts and harvest tops. The whole gathering was started over brand’s three prime specialty bunches specifically Lucknow, Varansi and New Delhi. It has assumed control 12 months of broad arranging and execution including a labor base of more than 167 skilled worker to make this commended gathering. Every piece is stylishly styled and made with explanation Diva’ni kundan-kadi zardozi and gota weaving coming about into an amalgamation of differing ornamentation in a never seen flavor.

“”Lafz” is an activity for Diva’ni’s skilled workers: The “Sultans of Diva’ni”, who are the unsung saints and are the genuine Sultans in our eyes. Said Sanya Dhir, Creative Director, Diva’ni.”

In a marvelous universe of quick design, prepared to wear dress and the interminable need to keep it easygoing, this age old craft of karigari hangs by a meager however firm string. The procedure of making a carefully assembled piece is unbearable, as it requires perfect craftsmanship, accuracy and endless hours.

The karigaars won’t not have gotten any formal instruction in their specialty, however they give us apparel that comes straight from the heart, putting their “Lafz” or words into their art and giving artful culminations most extreme dedication and truthfulness.

I am excited about Sultan, first time I am playing a wrestler. Aarfa has different looks in the film, some traditional and some sporty, but mostly sporty. The traditional outfit which is ivory chikankaari is beautiful.  Diva’ni team did a fantastic job designing and executing it. “said Anushka Sharma

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