Humaima Malick Endorses Women Protection Bill 2016

The Punjab Government has chosen to pass its since quite a while ago pondered Women Protection Bill and Humaima Malick has been picked by the Punjab Government as a big name advocate for the Bill. This Bill addresses issues identified with the security of ladies in Pakistan and representatives routes in which it can be guaranteed. In the wake of late documentation and recording of instances of different sorts of viciousness against ladies, the Punjab Government felt a critical need of lawful move to be made against such grievous demonstrations of savagery. The Bill stretches out to brutality of any sort, from passionate to physical and as of late stalking and being discourteous to ladies have likewise been viewed as a wrongdoing in the Bill deserving of discipline.

Humaima Malick is the first superstar drew closer by the Punjab Government for this type of cause. Humaima has frequently taken to online networking in voicing her assessments against the intolerable demonstrations of savagery completed on ladies. She trusts that distinction and fame put an extraordinary obligation on your shoulders as far as taking care of the general public on the loose. She has been connected with philanthropic associations and social work in different fields. Humaima additionally took to online networking to energetically compose against the alterations proposed by the Council of Islamic Ideology and she has been extremely vocal in her backing for every one of the ladies who have made progress and through her words she has dependably offered support for ladies who need to excel in life and get to be fruitful.

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