This sentence is a more than an announcement. It is an inquiry which each lady asks herself from day to night and year by year yet sadly, no body have ever happened with a proper answer.

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Presently, similar to numerous times some time recently, this inquiry is raised by a show serial “Thoda Sa Aasman”, in a special and forcing way. Composed by Umera Ahmed and coordinated by Nadeem Siddique, the dramatization flawlessly asks about the through and through freedom and voice of decision of ladies in our general public. Whether they have a place with a to a great degree rich and taught family or an underprivileged ignorant kinfolk, this universe of men have constantly attempted to control and destroy their entitlement to support and win openly in our general public, regardless of the fact that she is free and in charge of her own bread and spread.

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There are endless stories of ladies concealment which make it to our TV screens and print media yet a considerable lot of thousands are untold and inconspicuous, as though they have turned into a normal thing. Our ladies have dependably flourish and attempted to stand high in the general public however most men under the bogus picture of their inner self, have constantly persecuted and controlled them savagely in each elements of life, for their own particular pernicious goals.

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