Geo Drama Serial MARZI – Cast And Crew!

Falling in love is an astound phenomenon which can’t be clarified or anticipated. It simply happens and when it happens, everything on the planet appears to be futile. A man’s biggest fears are all of a sudden stifled and this is the thing that Manaal faces when she becomes hopelessly enamored with Zain, entire heartedly. Be that as it may, being candidly disguised by her sister’s significant other, Irfan, Manaal needs to lead a fiscally traded off existence with her mom and sibling under the top of Irfan who is rich and backings them yet overwhelmingly.

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Manaal’s affection for Zain give her bravery to remain against the mistreatment of Irfan, however Zain tries to avoid her as he is Irfan’s cousin, and his sister Maryam is hitched into Irfan’s family furthermore, Zain’s deals with Irfan’s properties. So the enthusiastic relationship is uneven on the grounds that Zain wouldn’t like to get required with anybody that has any association with Irfan. Notwithstanding, Irfan believes that Zain is additionally touching the same emotions and Manaal is intentionally conflicting with his choice, since he is not in the support of this relationship.
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Exhibited by Baber Javed, coordinated by Syed Wajahat Hussain and composed by Ali Moeen, the show serial Marzi means the battle of Manaal for a concealment free life, as Irfan’s overwhelming conduct maddens her, in this manner she needs them two to be solid and conflict with her brother by marriage wishes.
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Will she have the capacity to persuade Zain? Will Zain cherish her back? Will she have the capacity to remain against Irfan? Is it accurate to say that her is uneven affection sufficiently solid to satisfy her goals?

With every one of the inquiries, and the cast including Rabab Hashim, Jana Malik, Babar Ali, Junaid Khan, Najia Baig and Khalid Saleem Butt, the dramatization serial Marzi, will begin on fourteenth July, Thursday at 8:00 pm on Geo.

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