Fatima Effendi goes bold?

Fourth episode of Iftar Mulaqaat facilitated by Hina Khawaja Bayat, Fatima Effendi is the visitor of honor. Despite the fact that, Hina Bayat has been out of the facilitating scene for a long time and this is her rebound… none of this was evident from her execution. She is immaculate, chatting wonderfully with the veteran performing artists too someone as youthful as Fatima, just about coexisting with them as associates.

When we corned Fatima and got some information about her perspectives about doing some intense parts, she said that she was reluctant to have impact in anything that is viewed as striking.

I’m not the person for bold roles, I’d rather be intrigued in the depth of the character.”

Whenever asked, her inclinations about the dramatizations she acts in she reacted…

I’m more interested in characters with depth, in representing that depth
Stay tuned for more stories about Fatima Effendi and her perspectives about Ramadan, Ethics and her four leaf clover just in Iftar Mulaqaat on Geo Kahani.

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