Did Adele Reject Beyoncé’s offer to record a duet?

They are two of the world’s greatest hotshots. Be that as it may, rebound ruler Adele demands she didn’t reprimand Beyoncé’s offer to record a two part harmony.

Gossipy tidbits flowed recently that Adele had turned down Beyoncé’s welcome to hit the studio together to deal with a joint effort.

Presently Adele has tended to the theory, demanding she could never be so “ill bred” to her associate.

Addressing Zane Lowe for a BBC radio meeting, the 27-year-old artist clarified, “Clearly, Queen B until the day I kick the bucket. There’s gossip circumventing that I turned Beyoncé down, which I could never be so discourteous as to do. I’d never disregard her like that.”

She included, “I’m such a fan, goodness my God.” Earlier, Adele had uncovered that she was left so captivated amid one of her first gatherings with Beyoncé that she started to cry.

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