Ahsan khan in Udaari, kept his fans on tenterhooks

Ahsan khan in Udaari proves that Khan can do wonders. The innocent looking dishy actor who mostly have been seen in genial, refined and sophisticated characters, has done something which was beyond your wildest dreams. You have never seen Ahsan khan in such a negative role before but in Udaari out of blue he bewildered all of us by his extra ordinary acting skills.


This Hotsy-Totsy Khan has proved that he is the denizen of wonders. How skillfully he is performing the role of Imtiaz & horror of horrors musters up his courage to touch this sensitive issue of child abuse.

ahsan-khan-in-udaari-kept-his-fans-on-tenterhooks-cinemallywood-2Khan very perfectly reveals the rancor and cruelty of this acrimonious character of our society. Ahsan khan seems to b such a cultured person at the very out set but that was a false alarm.

ahsan-khan-in-udaari-kept-his-fans-on-tenterhooks-cinemallywood-1Whiffy Imtiaz bamboozles his wife Sajida by his inner demon who turns into a blood curdling beast towards the poor daughter of Sajida. Ahsan khan no doubt has kept all of us on tenterhooks.

So guys keeps your thumbs twiddling and wait patiently for the up coming happenings of Udaari.

Cinemallywood wishes Ahsan Khan all the best for the future!

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5 thoughts on “Ahsan khan in Udaari, kept his fans on tenterhooks

  1. Hina

    It couldn’t be put any more beautifully than the writer has said so… ahsan Khan dared and himself showed the ugly face of perverts in society. Finally some mature content and point made. Hatsoff ?


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