5 Things you didn’t know about SARAH KHAN

Sarah Khan is a name that is taken this media industry by a tempest; she’s new yet effectively denoted her place in the business. She is an immaculate performer who’s featured with the best on-screen characters and gained momentous ground.

Sarah was the visitor of honor for the nineteenth fantastic scene of Iftar Mulaqaat, facilitated by Hina Bayat. Sarah had a delightful discussion with Hina, the best part was the means by which edifying it was! From what we’ve assembled this lovely and capable young lady is a diamond, here are five characteristics of Sarah that left us spell limited.

sarah-khan-iftaar-mulaqaat-geo-kahani-cinemallywood (1)She is dedicated: Not generally as a performing artist, Sarah does every one of her tasks herself furthermore spends her Sundays doing the family unit errands. Sarah even favors doing her work on set.

sarah-khan-iftaar-mulaqaat-geo-kahani-cinemallywood (2)She is excellent: Yes, it’s not simply external excellence! This young lady is excellent back to front; she spoke so truly about assisting others. The young lady is extremely basic and charming in the meantime!

sarah-khan-iftaar-mulaqaat-geo-kahani-cinemallywood (4)She is conventional: When it comes to Sarah, she isn’t pompous in any way, the young lady exuberates respectability. Sarah isn’t brand cognizant rather she has an awesome adoration for helping other people out.

sarah-khan-iftaar-mulaqaat-geo-kahani-cinemallywood (5)She adores her family: Sarah has an extraordinary affection for her family. She invests the greater part of her energy with them. Sarah even does all her sibling’s errands, spoil her more youthful sister and hangs out with her kin.

sarah-khan-iftaar-mulaqaat-geo-kahani-cinemallywood (6)She is an extraordinary cook: Now that is a priceless aptitude, Sarah has some fantastic culinary abilities. She concedes she isn’t fastidious about eating and cooks for herself as opposed to troubling others. She claims to make a portion of the best dishes there are, even some yummy vegetables!

sarah-khan-iftaar-mulaqaat-geo-kahani-cinemallywood (7)We’re certain that is not everything to this excellent woman! Stay tuned for all the more intriguing insights about numerous a greater amount of your most loved superstars. Bear in mind to watch Iftar Mulaqaat, day by day at 6pm just on Geo Kahani.


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